PPA / APA Membership

By becoming a member of the PPA/APA, you are eligible to participate in national, state and local tournament competitions. To become an official member of the PPA/APA, sign up via the electronic application (below) and submit dues by clicking the "pay now" button, below the PPA/APA insignias.


Membership dues are $100 for PPA and $50 for APA.

Your submitted form will be confirmed by email. 

If you would prefer to avoid using the expeditious and efficient online process, please request the PDF version, via email, from Joe Aboid.  After receiving your PDF application, complete the form, print, include your check, and mail to:



The Professional Putters Association  202 Colonial Ct                                        Forest, VA 24551

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Join the PPA or APA...and become part of the history.

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As a member of the Professional Putters Association/Amateur Putters Association, members agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the PPA/APA; to display proper character and good sportsmanship while participating or practicing.
Members shall be committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity with fellow players, host owners, their staff, spectators, sponsors, and tournament officials.