Schedule of Events for National Championship Week                                        Sept 20 - 24

Monday: Tournament Players Championship  (4 rounds)

                  Seniors National Championship (In conjunction with TPC)


Tuesday: Doubles Championship: Better Ball, Alternate Shot and Medal Play.  


Tuesday PM: Hall of Fame / Player Award Dinner at 6:30 pm.  

                         Four Points Sheraton, 9901 Midlothian Tpk. 

                         Located 3 miles from Putt-Putt.  Dinner room will open at 6:15.


Wednesday: Hall of Fame Tournament  (4 rounds)

Thursday and Friday: National Championship  (4 rounds per day)

Entry Fees: 

                  TPC - PPA Division - $120  APA Division: $30

                               Senior National Championship: PPA - $60  APA - $30

                  Doubles Championship:  PPA- $60 (per player)  APA - $30 (per player)                    Hall of Fame Tournament: PPA - $120  APA - $30

                               National Championship: PPA - $250  APA - $50

Tee Times and Course Sequence will be announced soon.

Tour Leaders

Southern Putting Tour: PPA Division - Gary English
                                             APA Division - Russell Sigmon Jr.

Great Lakes Putting Tour:  PPA Division - Jim Engel

Indiana Putting Tour: PPA Division - Jim Engel  
                                          APA Division - Jay Hadsell

Southwest Putting Tour: PPA Division - Lee Messinger   
                                               APA Division - Chris Conradi

Virginia Putting Tour: PPA Division -  Greg Newport 

Tour Standings now on the Tournament Results Page!

PPA History on Film

        Gary Miller vs Dan Anders
   1975 World Championship Match    

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