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 Congratulations to Rainey Statum for becoming the 55th inductee to the                                                PPA Hall of Fame

National Invitational in Roanoke, VA

              June 2,2024 -  Pro Kevin Lacey wins over Greg Newport in a playoff                                         Malcolm Shumaker wins in the APA

State Tournament Schedule 2024

                  SWPT Weekend July 13 & 14 in Arlington, TX (Parks)                                    Pro winner Geoff Mosk & APA winner Greg Evely 

                  SPT Weekend July 13 & 14 in Augusta, GA                                Saturday winners Pro Thomas Rawles & APA Graham Sigmon                     Sunday winners Pro Gary English & APA Todd Trent

                  IPT Weekend July 13 & 14 in Louisville, KY                                        Saturday winners Pro Jeff Studer & APA Kris Grauer                             Sunday winners Pro James Weber & APA Kris Grauer

                  VIR Weekend July 20 & 21 in Richmond, VA                                  Saturday start at 11AM and at 2:30PM  Sunday start at 10AM  

                  IPT/GLT Weekend July 27 & 28 in Newark, OH                                     Saturday start at 11AM & Sunday start at 10AM 

                  SWPT Weekend July 27 & 28 in Longview, TX                                            Saturday start at 12PM &  Sunday start at 10AM  

                  VIR Weekend July 27 & 28 in Bristol, VA                                  Saturday start at 11AM and at 2:30PM  Sunday start at 10AM  

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 USGA golf ball list for January 2024
Hurst, Texas To Host PPA National Championship
PPA National Invitational Scheduled for Roanoke, VA


LYNCHBURG, Va. – The 64th Annual PPA National Championship Week returns to the Lone Star State in September 2024, while the PPA National Invitational is scheduled to kick off the season in the spring of 2024, according to Joe Aboid, commissioner of the Professional Putters Association.


PPA National Championship Week is scheduled for Sept. 16-20 at the Putt-Putt Golf & Games franchise facility in Hurst, Texas, an event that includes the 64th annual PPA and Amateur Putters Association national championships Sept. 19-20. Other national events scheduled prior to the granddaddy of the sport include the PPA Tournament Players Championship on Sept. 16, the PPA National Doubles Championship on Sept. 17 and the PPA Hall of Fame Classic on Sept. 18.


The PPA National Invitational is scheduled for June 1-2 in Roanoke, Va.


“Brian Smith is the most forward-thinking owner in our Putt-Putt Fun Center system,” Aboid says about the Hurst, Texas, Putt-Putt Fun Center franchise owner. “He and I had the privilege of growing up in families who were the leaders of our industry. Brian's dad, Ken Smith, was a member of the Putt-Putt board of directors along with my dad, Phil Aboid, for more than 20 years. Together, they led the PPA and Putt-Putt through its greatest era. Although it has been many years since I have been to the Hurst location, I can assure the players will be playing the premier facility in our system.”


Brian Smith says he and his staff are delighted the PPA National Tournament Board of Directors is bringing PPA National Championship to the 36-hole hole layout at 609 NE Loop 820.

“It’s great that the PPA is returning to the area,” Smith says. “I know the players will enjoy our Hurst location and the entire ‘Alley Cats Experience.’ There is so much the area has to offer and I hope the players will bring their families and experience Texas hospitality.”


Roanoke has been a favorite PPA National Tour venue in the past.


“We are excited to host another National Tournament,” says David Mitchell, a former PPA competitor and franchise owner of the Putt-Putt Fun Center located at 6801 Peters Creek Road and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. “It’s been a while, but we will be ready.”


Aboid says the Putt-Putt Fun Center franchise system, the PPA and the APA all of part of Mitchell’s DNA.


‘David Mitchell is steadfast in his support of the PPA and the APA,” Aboid says. “I always enjoyed the conversations we had on how to make our facilities and our game better for our customers and our competitive players alike. The Roanoke Putt-Putt facility always provides a stern test for the players. Three-time defending PPA National Championship Kevin Lacey won his second PPA National Championship title in Roanoke in 2008, and I'm sure Kevin will look to add to his illustrious PPA Hall of Fame record.”


The PPA and APA National Championships are two-day, eight round medal play events, with 72 holes on Sept. 19 and 72 holes on Sept. 20. The PPA Tournament Players Championship is a 72-hole, medal play event. The PPA National Doubles Championship is a 54-hole event, consisting of 18-holes of better ball, 18-holes of alternate shots and 36-holes of combined medal play. The PPA Hall of Fame is a 72-hole, medal play competition. The PPA National Invitational is a two-day, 144-hole medal play event, with 72 holes each day.  


Prize monies awarded for all events, Aboid said, will be determined by PPA and APA player participation prior to each event. PPA and APA membership applications for the 2024 PPA/APA season will be available beginning in January by visiting the website.


The PPA National Tournament Commissioner and the PPA National Tour Committee reserve the right for updates, corrections and clarifications.

2023 National Champions

Kevin Lacey (PPA)  Johnathan Arnold (APA)

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Upcoming Events

and Tournment Winners
National Tournament Schedule
National Invitational
June 1 & 2, 2024  Roanoke, VA
National Championship Week
Sept 16 - 20, 2024  Hurst, TX

1991 PPA Skins # 3

from Fayetteville, NC

Shane Ramsay - Frank Warren - Edgar Hollifield


2024 Rule Book

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 USGA golf ball list for January 2024
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